what how

in a few worms

There are so many worms in this place

Some alive, some dead, some not here yet

Some are long and slimy, some are fat

Some live in the dirt, some live in your cat

Now that I think of it, some live in yourself


Some worms swim, no worm flies

If it gets cut in half, worm multiplies

Some worms have sex, just for fun

Some worms have penises, others are one


Some worms stand up, but they can't sit down

Some worms live in the country, some down town

Some worms are disgusting, others are delicious

depends on who you are asking, yourself or your chicken


Some worms come out after the rain

Then dry up in the sun

A dead worm is eaten by smaller worms

then those worms move on.


I also want to say that those worms also eat you after you are dead

But I don't want you to be upset

So let's say you go to the other world, in heaven, hell or some place

And just leave it at that.
why who