what how


Everybody hates to sneeze

they try to suppress it and hide

for while coughing is probably alright

sneezing out loud is not polite


A sneeze is even worse than a fart

in drawing shame, fear and disgust

because sneezing is the artillery 

of an invisible army of sneezdemic bugs


We try to deprive the sneeze of its noise

and try to block the mucus' path

completely at random the sneeze attacks

due to a cold, allergy or hair in the nose 


in a few words to sneeze it sucks

it wakes up dogs or armed guards

turns worried heads around in a bus

firing nasty looks with or without masks


Still, we show religious compassion towards the sneezer

and say "bless you" when one sneezes out loud

"thank you" is the usual response with a guilty smile

you rarely say "bless you" when someone farts

(unless they sneeze and fart at the same time)
why who