what how

My least favourite things

Beavers with plastic forks, banana eating tigers

Snakes pretending to be nice, bunnies pretending to be mean

And anything else that tries its best to be, something other than what it is

Are only some, of my least favorite things.


Elephants on stilts, poop on the window sill

Silent farts, hair on a tennis ball

Fake jewelry, too much lipstick

Spilled milk, Cows who know it all


I also hate it when they promote ideology

as a parking spot for handicapped minds

who formulate their questions as answers

and can only express wonder by saying "really?"



I also hate this word

and all other words like it

for they sit in a sentence like tooth decays 

adding nothing to the meaning. 


Drilling sounds make me wince so bad

That is why I dislike dentists

Like I hate whoever's talking to me

while I can't talk back.


I also hate to think of things I hate

for I'd rather be glad

not thinking about what

makes me so sad

and I hate this poem.
why who