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Never Odd or Even

Evil is a name of a foeman, as I live,
Do geese see God?
Able was I ere I saw Elba,
Madam, in Eden, I'm Adam,

No lemon, no melon,
Was it a car or a cat I saw?
Red roses run no risk, sir,

Sir, I demand, I am a maid named Iris,
Are we not drawn onward, we few, drawn onward to new era?
Never a foot too far, even,
Live not on evil,

Dennis, Nell, Edna, Leon, Nedra, Anita, Rolf, Nora, Alice, Carol, Leo, Jane, Reed, Dena, Dale, Basil, Rae, Penny, Lana, Dave, Denny, Lena, Ida, Bernadette, Ben, Ray, Lila, Nina, Jo, Ira, Mara, Sara, Mario, Jan, Ina, Lily, Arne, Bette, Dan, Reba, Diane, Lynn, Ed, Eva, Dana, Lynne, Pearl, Isabel, Ada, Ned, Dee, Rena, Joel, Lora, Cecil, Aaron, Flora, Tina, Arden, Noel, and Ellen sinned.
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