what how

mice, rats, bats, et al..

In the land of mice and rats
Lived many lively little bats
They'd chatter and they'd prattle
'Bout mice hideouts and giant battles

Mice were nibbling on a crumb
Rats in the trash, never done
Bats in the cave, hanging tight
This night there will be a fight

A big struggle to decide
who is wrong and who is right
on the big question of the day
who is the best creature of the night?

In the shadows of the night,
Creatures lurk, with no end in sight.
Each one claims to be the best,
But who truly passes the test?

The bat with its silent flight,
The owl with its keen eyesight,
The wolf with its haunting howl,
or the sewer rats and mice?

But perhaps the true ruler,
Is the one we cannot see,
The vampire, with its dark allure,
The ultimate creature of the night, to be.

With immortality and power,
It reigns supreme, hour by hour.
But do not be fooled by its charm,
For in the end, it brings only harm.

So let us not seek to be,
The best creature of the night,
For in the end, it is a curse,
Better to live in the light.
why who