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My ball of twine

I'm the proud owner, of the biggest ball of twine
I've been collecting it, for quite a long time
I've rolled it and rolled it, till it's grown so big
It's a sight to behold, and quite a rig

I take it to fairs, and festivals, and shows
I display it with pride, wherever I go
People come from miles, just to see
My giant ball of twine, and me

They stare in amazement, and they snap some pics
They ask me questions, and they give me tips
But I just smile, and I nod my head
I'm the owner, of the biggest ball of twine, it's been said

So if you're ever in town, and you're feeling down
Just come and see, and my giant ball of twine
It'll lift your spirits, and it'll make your day
I promise you, it's worth the trip and the pay
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