what how

Shit happens on the Moon

The Moon is floating up high

taking a bite of a dark sky

A pretty big celestial kite

that comes out at night


People have gone to the Moon

Pretty soon they will go to Mars

Either one is pretty cold

Either one is pretty far


The moon we can clearly see

it is round and pale and bright

it makes tides on rivers and seas

people pray and dogs howl


There is no air on the moon

but there is some human poop

of all the poop we know of

this is the most far flung


The moon is mooning us

with blatant defiance

to sabotage our dreams

of mooner science


We can already buy land on the moon

go up there and drill a hole

have some fun bouncing on it

take a break then bounce some more


Other planets have moons

but this is a special one

not the biggest of them all

but the one closest to us


This, in short, is all that we know

of this big pale space round rock

we might endeavor to know more

and go back, once the earth is gone.
why who