what how


Memes are so super duper awesome

Words don't even amount to half as much

What are letters compared to pixels?

Millions of them versus just twenty six.


Memes are the future, words are the past

Because memes are built of the right stuff

They stimulate our senses, just like a drug

They come into view, eyes open like a mouth


Memes multiply

As they are shared by

Memes fly

Faster than you can say "hi"


Memes are to words

like emotions are to thoughts

they are the hallmarks of our digital epoch

they are the cream of wit that a very fine razor shaves off


One meme here, one meme there

Can speak louder than one thousand words or more

They make sentences redundant

along with paragraphs, verses and exclamation marks!


Memes are produced en masse

and some memes sometimes become massively viral 

they leave us speechless, wordless, aghast 

Memes are great, memes are art


The written word is a like dinosaur

is to a robot, a meme is far more avant-guard

a word is like a tree composing symphonies to the forest's wind

a meme is like an invisible hand playing violin to an ant's fart. 
why who