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the dumb thumb

My toes and fingers, they're good at math
They can add and subtract, without a second glance
But my thumb, oh my thumb, it's a different story
It's always making mistakes, and feeling sorry

It can't seem to count, beyond one or two
It gets confused, and it starts feeling blue
But my toes and fingers, they don't mind
They just keep on going, and leave the thumb behind

So if you see me counting, don't be alarmed
My toes and fingers, are perfectly charmed
But my thumb, it might struggle, and hold me back
It's just not cut out, for the math attack

But that's okay, we all have our quirks
And I know deep down, my thumb is dumb
It may not excel, at math or at numbers
But it's still a part of me, and that's what really matters
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