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In conversations with young girls,
A common word is heard, it twirls
Around their tongues, and fills the air
With a word that's used beyond compare

It's "like," they say, so many times
In every sentence, every rhyme
It's like the word can't be ignored
Like it's a part of their vocal cord

"Like, I was at the mall today"
"Like, did you see that dress on display?"
"Like, I really want to try it on"
"Like, it's so cute, it's a must-have, hon"

It's like they use it to express
Every feeling, every guess
It's like the word's a crutch they need
To communicate, to intercede

But like it or not, it's their way
Of speaking, of expressing, every day
And though it may seem overused
Like, it's just how they're amused

So let them talk and let them say
The word "like" in every way
For it's a part of their youthfulness
Like, a mark of their like-uniqueness.
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