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The Paranoid Cannibal Snake

You have probably met me

or my evil twin

slithering in the grass hissing

or in a bad dream.


I must tell me that I am afraid of you

but I am mostly afraid of my own kin

for I know that each and every single one of them

is after my skin.


I can see it in their eyes

I can sense it in their x-ray vision 

Their poison filled heads shine with murderous thirst

Wanting to swallow me whole head first


I ran away from home as soon as I was born  

For my mama tried to put me right back into her belly 

My brothers and sisters were not so lucky

She ate them all then proceeded to eat daddy


Needless to say, my life since then has been a living hell

I don't even know who of my slimy pals will attack next

Every single one is suspect, but it is so hard to tell

There are so many of them left, Except for the one I just ate.
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