what how

Out to Lunch

 “Looking at the menu I said: "I'll take the ox-tongue with rice"

then I looked up and said "wow"

because to my surprise

the waitress was a cow


I looked down at the menu again

"no, no beef then" I mumbled like a despicable hairless dude fumbling for his wig

"how 'bout some bacon and eggs?"

"we are out of eggs," she said, "and on top of that, the owner is a pig"


Okay, so, "what is your soup of the day?"

“The chicken soup," she said, "with lettuce"

'But, if I correctly recall when I came this way' 

'the doorman who is a cockerel, might take offence'


"Holy cow" - "Yes Sir" - "Okay then,"

"Do you have a seafood dish?"

"We do, but, fyi

the dishwasher is a fish."


"Alright then, is anyone else in this joint

a vegetable of some sort?”

“I'll go with a salad if not"

'Good choice, finally, I thought.'

As I looked over at the kitchen and I said 'what?!'

the cook, a cabbage head, was shaving his carrot.

why who