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Expensive bags, crafted with care
Leather smooth, a designer's flair
Gold hardware, a statement piece
For the elite, a luxury release

Mid-range bags, a balance found
Stylish yet practical, on solid ground
Functional pockets, room to store
For the busy, a daily chore

Inexpensive bags, simple and true
No frills, just what you need to do
Durable and reliable, a daily friend
For the budget-minded, a practical blend

Cheap plastic bags, a few pennies a piece
Holding your shopping, so thin and light
Drifting on the wind, what a sight
Filled with garbage, what a blight

Paper bags, made from trees
A natural choice, if you please
Biodegradable, a better fate
But not designed to hold much weight

Pockets too, can also be bags
Unless you need to carry eggs
They are no threat to the environment
But much too small except baggy pants

All bags, I guess, are pretty cool
From the most expensive to the least
Have pros and cons, like any human tool
They carry our crap, with comfort and ease.
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