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A cloud in a suit

A cloud in a suit, so dapper and smart
Drifting along in the blue, so grandiose and grand
With a tie around its neck and a pocket square to match
It moves with grace, like a businessman with aplomb and panache

It travels the skies, a sight to behold
A fluffy white mass, dressed in gray and gold
It's a sight so strange, yet so serene
A natural wonder, like a dream

As it drifts along, it changes shape
A puff here, a wisp there, it's hard to escape
The charm of this cloud, so unique and free
A true masterpiece of nature's artistry

And as it disappears into the horizon
We're left to wonder, where it's headed, with such precision
But one thing is for sure, it's a sight to see
A cloud in a suit, so dignified and debonair.
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