what how


Alone, we stand with ancestors by our side,
Butterflies flutter, buttons fasten with pride,
Chickens cackle, cannibals lurk with glee,
Click, darkness falls, and dogs bark endlessly.

Dreams are drawn, execution waits in line,
Faith and farts, a strange and curious combine,
Favorites are chosen, but fate happens all the same,
Laws are written, love remains a timeless game.

Memes and mice, moose and lunch, all in a day,
Order and plumbing, politics at play,
Purple and reincarnation, respect earned with time,
Roadkill and sheep, a shovel to make it sublime.

Skeleton and slogans, snail and sneeze,
Something to strike, talking and thinking with ease,
Thumb and time, Toby and twine,
Universe and vegetarian, virtue to define.

Weird words, the world and worms all intertwine,
Acknowledge them all, and make the most of what's thine.
why who