what how

For a dog

For I am a dog, therefore

For I can lick my ass, and more

For I can bark sincere, before

For running off, what for?


For I have a name, I'm For

For I have an owner, he owns

For he picks my poop, up

For like who picks up yours, or not.


For I am a good dog, sit!

For I play, poop, eat, sleep

For if I am sad like a poet

For my sad yelps are epic.


For I was also once, a pup

For I learned my lessons, some

For they treat me like a little baby, silly

For it suits me just fine, really. 


For I easily make friends with other dogs big strange and small, and I say

For they are strangely lovely stinking animals, no way

For that's no problem, for why

For So am I.

For I am someone's dog, that's true

There For, whose dog are you?
why who