what how


There is order in nature

(or so they say)

of mountains and gorges

and lesser hills and waterways


There is order in life

(long live the government)

although there is struggle and strife

and lots of time you are happy or sad


order is a gravitational force

(pulling everything back in)

when the boiling heart of a volcano stops

spewing chaos and mountain tops


Order bosses atoms and their particles around

(putting everyone in their place)

replacing the loud silence of spontaneous vibrations

with the dull melody of noise


The order God is a rule of thumb

ordering other orders around

order is obedience's drug

soul's tranquilizer dart


There is order in reason

when thoughts line up like ducks

at the command of the weather boss 

which makes snow fall in the right season


There is order too

in the syntax of things

and chaos

in the underlying meanings.
why who