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The mean old bolding bear

A grumpy old bear
mean and going bold
blamed the world
for the loss of his fur

His fur, his imperial fur
once long, thick and warm
Was mostly gone
and he felt the storm

"I used to be hairy
Strong and scary
I'll now show these fairies
Who is the boss"

With these mean words
the mean old bear
attacked his neighbours
without a care

Everyone was shocked
At least at first
They'd seen this before
It was not the worst

Still nobody expected
The tired old bear
Would start a war
over some hair

But attack he did
with everything he got
He caused much damage
He hurt a lot

However, his neighbours
They stood together
With scissors and shears
Clippers and razors
The mean old bear
Was clearly mistaken
He went to get hair
And came out clean shaven.
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