what how

words of the past twenty years

In a blockchain world where tokens gleam,
TikTok rhythms and influencer dreams.
Emoji feelings, swipe left or right,
Streaming on Twitch, in eSports we fight.

Selfies capture each Instagram hour,
Uber through cities, in electric power.
Viral sensations, a tweet's fleeting dance,
Augmented realities give life a new chance.

Podcasts echo in AirPods so neat,
Binge-watching shows, the Netflix treat.
VR dimensions where avatars roam,
Home assistants - "Hey Siri, I'm home."

Deep learning sparks the AI's play,
Cryptocurrencies pave a decentralized way.
From Zoom meetings to the drone's overhead glance,
In the digital dance of the 21st-century trance.

Two decades ago, these words were so rare,
Now they shape stories, the new tales we share.
why who