what how

Oh no! Oh no!

Oh no! Oh no! Today the school-year ends. 

What would I do? What would I do without my friends?

With them I laughed, danced, read and counted by tens,

With them I played and twisted my body in crazy bends. 

And my teacher, my teacher who always helps and never offends,

Who hears my jokes and laughs with me without pretends. 

As older we get, we change and grow like life intends,

Remember, remember the world’s a stage and often transcends 

Reason, logic, understanding and common sense:

(Remember COVID? The disease we survived at 99 and more percents?)

(The house arrests designed to flatten us but not affect COVID’s wends?)

(Remember the masks? The plexi glass? The business closures and pop up injection tents?)

(Remember the jab forced on us before we knew how many people to the hospital it sends?)

(They say: “follow the science” like a story set in stone, like stories with known ends)

(science doesn’t lead anywhere; it only shines a neutral light on unknown, dark deadends)

(Do you notice the climate change hoax pushed on us by a Swedish girl and the laughable solutions she recommends?)

(Do you notice the filthy indecency forced on us by everyone before we’re taught how to use pencils and pens?)

(And, as Orwell warned, how we’re taught war is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is our best defence?)

(How debate is labelled hate instead of the division it mends?)

(It’s not an accident that TikTok, Twitter and YouTube reign while empty lie our bookshelves and lonely stand our bookends)

(To you I say freedom is never free, and censorship is neither safe nor our rights defends)

(And the answer to 1984 is the wisdom the American 1776 lends)

I’m sorry for us but I’ll never, ever forget you all as time extends,

And now I’m sad and don’t know how to make amends

With my soul who craves and wants to keep my friends.
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