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baby tortoise

A baby tortoise, so little and slow
looks like a tiny hard hat from below
Creeping through the grass, so green
A tiny, fragile, half-animate bean

Head that sticks out like a popsicle
Nature's own little armoured vehicle
Straight and steady is plodding along
On four little feet, since born alone

One day you will be a full grown tortoise
If everything else goes according to plan
A minifauna member with purpose and poise
Living life well without making any noise

You're very quiet as you move around
possibly the most silent of them all
For if you outrun a proud jackrabbit  
we'll hear a baby snail cheer aloud

For The Hare & the Tortoise tale
Features you instead of a snail
For you must have left a better impression
in creatures armed with artistic expression.
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