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Just Like you know?

In every young girl's conversation,
There's a word that needs no invitation,
It pops up often without hesitation,
And that's the word 'like' without reservation.

It's a word that's used to express,
Emotions, feelings, and stress,
Like when they're excited, it's a guess,
That 'like' will be used without any less.

Like when they meet their friends,
Their conversation never ends,
And 'like' becomes a trend,
Used repeatedly until the very end.

Like, like, like, it's all they say,
In every single possible way,
It's like their favorite word to play,
And it's like here to stay.

But we shouldn't judge their style,
Or think it's not worthwhile,
For it's like their unique profile,
And that's like something to smile.

So let them use 'like' as they please,
In their hearts, it brings them ease,
And who knows, maybe someday, they'll seize,
A new word to add to their expertise.
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