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It all began, with a simple click
A spark of innovation, a turning point quick
The world was forever changed, as the digital age dawned
And with it, a new era, was born

The first computers, were large and unwieldy
But as time passed, they became nimble and steady
They shrank in size, and grew in power
A revolution, in every hour

The internet arrived, and the world was connected
Information flowed, and knowledge collected
Borders and distances, became irrelevant and small
As the world became, one global hall

The digital age, has brought us much joy
But it has also brought, its share of annoy
Privacy and security, have become hot debates
As we navigate, the endless digital gates

But despite the challenges, we press on
For the digital world, has become our dawn
It has changed the way we live, and the way we think
And it will continue, to evolve and to shrink

From the first click, to the last, the journey goes on
As we embrace, the digital age, and all that it has won
why who