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The funniest joke

The funniest joke in the world
The funniest joke ever told
When a brain, the wittiest of them all
tickled itself into a laughter ball

The brain chuckled then laughed so hard
with tears flowing along its folds
then after it slightly calmed down
the funniest joke the brain forgot

but not before, brain told the joke to the mouth
which then burst out into a howl
guffaw and crackling with a roar
then passed out and forgot what the joke was about

but not before, The mouth spoke the joke down to the belly
which at once burst out in a belly-lough
With the brain and the mouth now in a humor induced faint
The belly was the only one with the joke inside still intact

It wasn't meant to stay long in there alas
for it traveled further down towards the annus
where it eventually got lost
in translation along the guts

The funniest joke in the world
the funniest one ever told
it was told only once
then it was forever lost.
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