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Ready, set, go

As I woke up this morning, feeling fresh and fine,
I picked up my phone to check for a sign,
Of any new messages, emails or news,
But what I found was an unwelcome ruse.

My inbox was flooded with spam and scams,
Like ticks waiting to latch on my plans,
As I scrolled through the endless junk,
I felt my blood pressure rise and funk.

Promotions, offers, and deals galore,
Persistent, I couldn't take it anymore,
Nah! I sighed and shook my weary head,
And wished I could just go back to bed.

But no, I'm going to give way my day,
So I deleted the spam without delay,
And trudged on through the forest of life,
Fighting off the ticks and their endless strife.

So if you wake up to a similar fate,
Just remember, it's not too late,
To brush off the spam and carry on,
Enjoy the day with a smile and a song.
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